Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cabernet and A: An Adult Pretty Little Liars Podcast

Need a new podcast to listen to?
Give a listen to my new podcast with the fabulous comedian and Girl Code producer, Chelsea White.
You can find it if you search Cabernet and A on iTunes and Stitcher or you can just follow us on Podbean:
The podcast is mostly about Pretty Little Liars. Sure, Pretty Little Liars is an ABC Family show targeted to teens, but our podcast is not for kids. The Cabernet part is for the wine we consume/review each week as we discuss show themes, mysteries, and then go on tangents about other TV Shows, pop culture references, heck we even debated Wawa Vs. Sheetz.
So, you don't have to love Pretty Little Liars to be into this new podcast. Give a try and please give us a rating.

Cabernet and A Podcast About Pretty Little Liars