Sunday, February 23, 2014

Which Kind of Serial Killer Are You?

My brother called me the other day and left me a message:
"Hey Sue, I'm driving in the car and was thinking about all those personality quizzes people keep posting on Facebook. They are always so sweet and make you feel better about yourself. I think it would hilarious if there was one like ' which serial killer are you?' What do you think? Could you make something like that?"

Yes, Mike, yes I can.

Click here to take "What Kind of Serial Killer Are You"

I Got It On Steinway

I've lived in Astoria, NY for about ten years now. When I first moved here I did what I always do whenever I'm in a new place, I watched the local news. While I was watching the amazing New York 1 I saw a commercial with a woman with a Janice-from-Friends-esq accent tawk about all the great things on Steinway. I thought it was hysterical. I told everyone about it.
No one ever saw it.
It was like my mind manifested a crazy ridiculous commercial.
While I still stand by my claim that it was a legit commercial, I realized the only way to make this hallucination a reality was to make it. I decided then and there I would make this video.
And 10 years later, I finally did with the help of Chelsea White, Jess Wood and Chris Doucette.
About 5 days ago we posted it, and thanks to the fellow lovers of Steinway, Astoria, and bad New York accents we've had over 1,500 views!
I'm in love with the fact that the commercial that's made me chuckle for a decade is now cracking others up.
I hope you enjoy it, share it, and get to Steinway to see just how wonderfully crazy this street is, today!!