Friday, December 13, 2013

Astoria Disturbia

My mother is always very worried about me living in the city. Even though:

  • I've lived in Queens for 10 years
  • She used to work in the city when Times Square wasn't Disney Land
  • I live in an extremely safe neighborhood
I reassure her of the safety of my neighborhood often. So, this morning while walking the streets I love so very much,  when I saw roads blocked off and tons of police all I could think of was 

Crap. Someone died. 
This is gonna hit the news! 
My mom watches the news all day! 
I'll never be able to convince her it's safe to walk at night again..
I bet there's a serial killer. Watch, they found a ton of bodies. 
I live next to Dexter. 

As I walked closer, I noticed that one of the cops wasn't dressed in uniform. 

Damn, they have an undercover dude. I bet it's like The Wire. There were drug murders, and they found bodies in that house that's all boarded up.

Then, I finally get to the scene.
The blocked off street.
The cop cars. 
The van with all the camera equipment.

Turns out, they were filming Nurse Jackie.

I wasn't that far off though.. it did involve a TV Show. 

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