Monday, September 02, 2013

Makin' Memes, Makin' Money

I'm spending most of my days and nights watching TV, taking screenshots of shows I'm watching, making those shots into memes - and then tweeting and Facbooking about those shows and memes. I do all of this for money, which is unfreakin' believable. Seriously, my mom doesn't even believe me. I call her and when I tell her what I do for a living she replies, "Susie-Q, are you sure that's what they are paying you to do? I mean, are you supposed to be watching all that TV?"
Yes, and it. is. glorious. Thank you TV Land!
Since my life is less about going out on the town lately, I figured I'd continue the blogging hiatus and take my musings to Tumblr aptly named, The Sue Funke Tumblr.

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