Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where Do You Go, My Funkely

Ever not see people and you feel like it's been maybe a month, but really it's been a year and a half?
This just happened to me at The Four Faced Liar and I realized, I must've been doing something with myself.
Here's what I came up with:

I tried online dating...

and as you can see it makes me retract my head and talk out of the side of my mouth as if I had a stroke.

I advocated for women's rights in a rape PSA (Thanks to 3rd Wheel Comedy's Annie Solstad for the Invite)

I've tumbled for newnownext
And of course, hung out with some queens..

I've gone to Spa Castle 
My happy place.

I've spent time at home.

I've gone to and am going to be in weddings. 

And I am still doing stand-up here and there, every Tuesday night at the Treehouse, still.

But I haven't blogged much for myself. I'm not saying that is going to change, but In figured I might as well say where I've been, it's only decent. 

If you're ever on Twitter you can find me:
@ILuvTVMoreThanU - where I live tweet TV shows for myself
@NewNowNext -where I live tweet TV shows for money

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this blog is totally titled after this song:
La Bouche's Where Do You Go, My Lovely

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