Thursday, October 27, 2011

Too Early - LIVE Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow morning I'm waking up super early and heading out to Brooklyn to join Matt and Glennis McCarthy to be on their new UStream talk show Too Early - LIVE!

I'm excited, because I've always wanted to be on a talk show.
I watched a lot of Regis and Kathy Lee as a kid. When I was really little, like 5, I thought that everyone in America ended up on talk shows. I would practice being interviewed. Sitting in the trees next to my driveway I'd answer questions that no one asked with detailed answers.

I also had an imaginary friend named Wussy, but that's like an entirely different blog.
Vivid imagination, right?

So, technically, I've been preparing for this for over 2 decades.

But really, my preparation is making sure my alarm is set
...and if you want to join us and ask questions you should set your alarm, too!

7:30 AM, October 27th at

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