Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do What You've Been Meaning to Do...

When you get laid off there's a sentiment that goes around that's basically,
"This is your time! Do what you've never had the chance to do because of that pesky job!"

And gosh darn it, I figured I might as well.

So, this week I've merchandised Funke Industries.
Am I an ego maniac? Not really. Do I have an ego about my cool last name? A bit.

But there are certain t-shirts I've just always wanted to see made.

There aren't enough shirts with unique profanities on them. I want this to change-- and I am that change!

The next thing I set out to conquer, the empty blue canvas that has been in my apartment for almost a year now waiting to become a painting of the Skyline. I kept lamenting that I still hadn't found the right section of the skyline, or the right color scheme.

Today, I just sat down for about 6 hours and did this

It's not done. There is a lot there I gotta clean up and fix -- but hey it's a start.

Other things I've been meaning to do:

1. Get a commercial license so I can fulfill my life long dream of driving a MAC truck (Not at all kidding about that)

2. Eat/ Write at every restaurant on this one street in the village that is absolutely beautiful and quaint. (This is my NYC tourist thing I want to do)

3. Make some kick ass gluten-free baked goods (I enjoy a challenge)

4. Run in Central Park

5. Finally go to PS1

6. Work on a television show-- preferably as a writer in a room of funny people discussing humor, writing, syntax and words.

...Ya know, just your run of the mill list of things we all wish we could do if we had the time.

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