Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inspirational, Albeit Emo, Music

Today I found this video of a song that my pal once put on a mix tape for me. I like this song because it's a good reminder that no matter how much you've got on your plate, you just got to resolve to make it.

If you too are feeling like you're in the middle of a life shit storm right now, perhaps this will be a comfort to you as well.

If it doesn't, there's always whiskey and cake.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Funny Times

I got a lot of comedy work in the hopper lately. It's a Funke family trait to bite off more than you can chew, so I'm glad to be so busy.

I'm also proud to say that while I'm not on the 8-10 shows a week I once was, the caliber of shows I'm on is better than ever. Even though I'm not out every night, I feel as though comedy is pretty consuming.

When you're a comedian and you haven't made it (example: me) your life is pretty much divided into odd parts:

1. Hype: You've got to self promote. This means asking everyone you know on a regular bases to come to a show via all social medias and face-to-face contact.

2. Writing/Performing: You have to back up what you're telling everyone is worth leaving the house to see.

3. Financial Backing: You need to eat, and pay rent. So taking a day job, or any job at this point is important. I'm glad to have a steady day job that involves writing, editing...and some dorky internet knowledge.

So, in the 8 hours when I'm not working, I'm working on comedy. And to further prove that, I will now shamelessly promote comedy shows....

I'm producing (aka putting a ton of time and money to put on a show) one of the best shows ever. Ballsy statement, right? I don't think so. I'm so proud to work with co-producers Selena Coppock and Liz Simons to put on a show that not only has amazing comedians but it also encourages the audience to cheer for/represent their favorite borough.
That's right, It's
Brooklyn Vs. Queens: A Comedy Throwdown
..and I'm hosting!

I hope to see you at one of the shows, but you can't make it you can always share your love of comedy by checking out my youtube channel...