Sunday, July 31, 2011

You Don't Know What You've Got 'Til It's Gone

this blog could also be titled: I Never Realized How Much TheSueFunke Meant to Me

Dude, I cannot even believe you are reading my blog.

Did you take a time machine to 2005 and somehow access future blog rolls?

Really, I don't even read my blog anymore. I haven't written in it since I posted my resume in hopes of creating a better website
...and then I got hungry, made a snack, and forgot that I wanted to make a better website and probably watched an episode of a cheesy 80s sitcom.

But a week ago, comedy pal and fellow Astorian, Peter Moses, noticed that my blog was showcasing a picture of a girl with a mini back pack.
Realizing that really wasn't my style of blogging he contacted me. To my dismay both that blog and this blog, which are tied to the same account, were taken down.

After a big ol' hullabaloo I found out how to get it back, and well, for more money than I'd care to admit I bought back these domains.

There was a moment or two during the hullabaloo where I really thought I lost this domain.
And sure, I could shop around for something clever utilizing Sue and Funke, but when this was proposed to me I said, out loud, "But that's the handle I've gone by for almost a decade!"

That's right, I used the term handle.

I started using "the" in front of my name because there was another Sue Funke, and as luck would have it, she was also working for the internets (I can call it that, I'm an insider) and while I used it jokingly pretentious as 'thee' Sue Funke... it started to be real pretentious. I was proud to be TheSueFunke of blogging.

And while no one blogs anymore (besides me, right now, and like everyone on tumbler.) , I am still @TheSueFunke of short term attention theater blogging. To lose the TheSueFunke domain would completely stop those who are dying to see my 140+ dribblings and drablings of everyday life.

OK, maybe even that is rare.

I digress. The point is blogerena that I am back, and while I doubt I'll keep up regular musings, I do plan to make this a better website one day, and I'm happy to do it with the domain of

So, look forward to the new site while I go look for something good to watch on TV.

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