Friday, October 29, 2010

Online Dating and TV Pursuits

As I've mentioned on here before, I've got a plethora of twitter accounts.

Recently, I added to that list a new account. I based it on my less than stellar experiences on I titled it MatchDotFail. I hoped it would take off and CBS would offer me a sitcom. Something like $%*t My Dad Says except funny.

"But Sue," you say, "You are one of the biggest opponents of What were you thinking?"

Yes, blog reader, you are correct. In fact, one of my most popular online videos is about how poorly previous attempts have gone at online dating:

But, in hopes of trying to find a soul mate, or at least a good tale to tell, I joined I'm now on my 6 months free period. It's been quite the wild ride, but surprisingly I am getting some sort of opportunity from it. I was asked to be in a commercial of a first date.

Basically, they would film me meeting a man in New York for dinner for our very first date. It's either the best opportunity I have for a credit, or an awful prank. So, should I reply to the request? It might gain traction on that Twitter TV show....

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Unknown said...

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