Friday, March 26, 2010

Writer's Block

I have the worst grammar and spelling.

Well, I guess it's not the worst. I'm at least aware that it isn't great.
Still, it's shameful that I had to look up whether it was writers block, or writer's block.

Maybe it's my bad grammar that is the root of my writer's block.

I took a break to ponder this possibility, and -
watched 'The Bernie Mac Show", watched 'Malcom in the Middle', watched more 'Bernie Mac Show', got sad about Bernie Mac, tidied up the kitchen, thought about calling my mom, walked over to my computer to get my phone, checked TopTwitsBlog stats, saw a tweet about 'Modern Family', thought about a post I wanted to put on, started writing a blog, checked Facebook, and then realized...

It's not my shitty grammar that is blocking me.
I'm still writing and editing through that.
I can write new stand-up jokes
-although, judging from the Treehouse response last week, new ones weren't that great.

...and obviously, I can write cross promotional material.

My writer's block isn't an inability to write.

My writer's block is literally a bunch of writing projects backed up in my brain.
They are all angry about being dormant in my mind. I keep thinking about them and then think, I'll spend a day writing soon, when I have the time...

But, I'm just not making the time. I'm using my time to go out and play in the nice weather, hang out with friends and do fun stand-up shows.
And those things aren't necessarily bad for me to being doing instead of those writing projects.

I mean, we can't write if we don't experience things to write about, right?

Here's hoping those great ideas for spec scripts and pilots get angsty enough in my brain to manifest on a page.


Anonymous said...

You spread yourself too thin Sue. Focus lady cakes, focus!

Anonymous said...
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