Thursday, March 19, 2009

The City

As a kid in Long Island, we would refer to hitting up the main strip of Garden City, "going to town". You would go into town to see the little boutiques, pick up a book at the library, go to the butcher, see your pals, walk around aimlessly while your parents food shopped.

The City on the other hand, was New York City. That was where you went on special shopping trips for dresses, or to fancy dinners, class trips to museums, weekend escapes to crazy galleries or shows.

Growing up like this gave me a very different perspective of New York City than my friends who I have made who moved to New York City have.

People come to New York City to be where the magic is made. Movies, big deals, big apples. It's all quite a grand allusion of opportunity and challenge.

Meanwhile, I'm just here because when I graduated college I had a job here. It's not where I pictured myself living when I "grew up".

If you asked me when I was little where I would live, I would tell you a house. I would've told you I was going to be a Mommy by the time I was 24, and I would've told you about the three dogs I'd have that would run around my giant back yard. I probably also would've said that I was going to be a writer on WKRP in Cincinnati, because I loved that show as a kid.

If you asked me when I was a teenager where I would live, I would've told you a quaint house in New Hampshire on a lake. I would've said, "I want to live and eat naturally and own a store that sells either music or organic food."

My high school boyfriend used to dream of us living in New York City together and I would have no part in his projections. "Dude, the city is gross and dirty. We go there all the time and it's just all stress. I need the mellow country life."

Today, if you asked me where I would live, I would have to say New York City. Partially, because at this point I know nothing else. I mean I travel occasionally, but I always find myself longing for the various creature comforts of NYC.

Where else can you have a convenient subway system, amazing pizza, the greatest shows, and the smell of street vendor peanuts on a cold day?

I think if I had to chose other places to live, I probably could, but ultimately, The City has become my city.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Everyone's a Critic!

I just posted this recipe on my blog.

The Google Ad that popped up next to it:

"Irish Recipes"

Thanks a lot Google.

All I can think of is that Denis Leary bit:

"I was in Barnes & Noble the other day, I saw a book entitled 'Irish Cuisine,'
and I nearly laughed my balls off.
Irish Cuisine?! What are we famous for cuisine-wise?
We put everything in a pot and we boil it for seventeen and a half hours straight, until you can eat it with a straw.
(mimics slurping through a straw) Thanks, Ma. Where's dessert?
Okay, there it is.
(mimics slurping through a straw)
Thanks, Ma!
It's not a cuisine, folks. That's penance."

Make Yourself a Meal for $5 in 10 minutes

What you'll need:

Generic Mac and Cheese
Frozen Spinach
Frozen Corn
Ground Beef (buy a small package, like 2 hamburger patty worth at most)

1. Place the water on high heat to boil
2. Mix spices into chop meat - I used Garlic Powder and Italian Seasoning, but whichever seasoning you prefer with your meat is fine.
3. Brown the meat
4. Thaw spinach by putting it in a bowl with hot water
5. Cook corn in microwave (tiny pat of butter if you'd like on this in lieu of water, take the bit of butter you use here off the 1/4 cup you put on the mac and cheese)
6. Put pasta in boiling water
7. Dry the spinach by squeezing it in a strong paper towel (not super dry, but just to get some of the moisture out.
8. Mix corn, meat and spinach together in a big bowl
9. Drain pasta, return it to the pot with the butter and milk and cheese packet
10. Mix fully mixed Mac and Cheese into the big bowl (see step 8 if you don't get what I mean here)

Enjoy this bangin' cheap mixture of food.

New Video!

Recently, I taped a show at Gotham Comedy club.

It was a really fun show and two of my awesome co-workers showed up with their beaus. Thanks to them and all the people who made this video possible.
(Arthur Carlson edited for me - meaning put my name on it and uploaded it to YouTube- big thanks to him for that!)