Thursday, December 24, 2009

When You Turn Into Your Mother, A Christmas Blog

Ever wake up and realize you are your mother?
This happened to me when I woke up at 3AM with intense anxiety that presents had to be wrapped immediately.
I got out of bed, turned on some Wings Wonderful Christmas Time and wrapped presents.

Now, it's not just a Christmas thing that my mother would do things such as this. During other high stress times in our family history I can recall mom discussing how she couldn't sleep...The kitchen floor wasn't washed and so, it only made sense to wake up at an ungodly hour and do it.

There was a time when I thought this was crazy behavior. This morning though, it made complete sense. Of course you have to wake up and wrap presents immediately. How else would you sleep with that kind of thought running through your mind?

Perhaps, this isn't a case of Ireneism though.

Maybe, I'm not turning into my mother.

Maybe, I'm just excited for my Christmas present this year.

This Christmas my present to myself is not traveling.
Sadly, that means I'll be missing out in my traditional trip to see my sister and her family in Virginia.
Happily, it means that I will not have to travel.

For those of you regulars on the blog, you may have read the adventure to meet my nephew previously. If not take a gander and tell me if you'd be really into hopping onto another bus for 8 hours through holiday traffic.

I have to say, to not be with family on Christmas somehow seems cosmopolitan to me. It's like a right of passage of an urbanite to have that holiday trip home passed on at one point for some reason or another.

I'll be spending tonight and tomorrow with friends, which is also a wonderful testament to city living. You end up with these friends that become family. We're all in this city together, we need to stand together over something - and gosh darn it, why not eggnog?

Actually, make that Mimosas. I'm allergic to dairy.
The drink Mimosas, not my cat Mimosa ...which I'm also allergic to, but that's an entirely different blog post.

Merry Christmas pals!

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