Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stick a Needle in Me, I'm Sick

Well, the shock of me being sick has died down like what? Four years ago?
I'm pretty much a sickly person, and it's frustrating because I'm not a completely unhealthy person.
My favorite food is spinach. I've recently become a big fan of beets. I walk at least a mile a day and work out often. I eat salads without dressing and with tons of veggies.
Yet, I am still recovering from the flu, after being sick off and on for months.

So, my doctor recommended acupuncture.

Apparently, acucpuncture can help boost immunity. I'm not sure if it's that direct, but it can help fix chronic issues. For me, that is allergy/sinus stuff. No matter what, ever fall and every winter I get a sinus infection. No matter how often I neti pot, drink tea, or sacrifice comedy gigs to go home and sleep - I get stuffed up, then it gets worse, then I get a chronic headache, and then I can't get out of bed cause I'm trapped with congestion.

A lot of people that I tell about my acupuncture get squeamish and think I've gone kind of nuts. It's not like I particularly enjoy the needles going into my skin. I do enjoy how I feel afterward. I've gotten more energy, lost that headache I've had for over a month, and my voice is finally back.

I'm not sure if I'll never be sick again, but I think there's definitely something to this acupuncture thing. Even if all it's giving me is hope.

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