Monday, June 22, 2009

Perez Hilton v. has nothing on THIS feud

As some of you may have seen Perez Hilton claims he was assaulted after he called a f*g

(Who's ready for gay pride week? Way to represent Perez!)

If you're out of work and hate yourself, watch all 11 minutes of this:

If you have some self respect and want to save yourself 11 minutes of your life, here's the...

Recap - Perez is upset he got hit for using a homophobic phrase in a hurtful manner towards (ironically of Black Eye Peas fame) and then Polo,'s manager/pal/dude allegedly hit Perez in the eye.

And rebutted (in a shorter version, worth the watch if you have like 3min.)

Well, now there's an even more thrilling video accusation/feud to watch:

H. Alan Scott


Heidi Montag

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