Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

I had the flu this Valentine's Day. I had not been out of my apartment for a two days, missed my sketch group, The Ultimate Experts show, and was still in a pretty good mood.

Well, a better one than my bitter 2007 counter-part.

And a non-comedy one, unlike my equally angsty 2008 counter-part.

No, this year was indeed different because I have a boyfriend.

He's a very nice man, that I speak of sparsely here because, well it's weird to talk about in blog format.

What I will say is, he treats me very well.
Here's the picture of this year's Valentine's.

Even though we had to skip the fancy meal and have shitty take-in, we had a pretty great time and no Hallmark's were exchanged.
Take That Establishment!

The tulips were "get well flowers", the roses and bear were part of the present I had to wait and open at midnight.

If that's all too cute for you, well thinking of my hacking cough from the flu.
See, now it's just gross.

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