Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Apartment, is a very very fine apartment...

With the N train across from the balcony....

Yes. I do have a balcony.

Yes. I'm serious it's right across from the N train.

See, that's the train going by my balcony.

And this is me writing at my desk in reflection of the sliding doors.
Those are my hunter green curtains. You can also kinda see the Queens skyline I look out upon.
It's lovely.

Sure, it's a little noisy.
Sure, I live across from a person who complains that my TV is loud.
(My response, "You are aware of the elevated train that's right next to my thin wall, right?")
Sure, the heat isn't always turned on when it's below 30 degrees and that kinda sucks when you have the flu.
But it's all mine.
and I lerve it. (bottom definition for those that are not familiar...I'm talking to you Jennifer. Watch Annie Hall already!)

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