Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Funke Family Thanksgiving

As my brother wrote in the evite "When We Remember Why We Only Do This Once a Year"
...and honestly, I shouldn't eat anymore, nor should I sleep.
I ate every minute I wasn't sleeping, and slept like 18 hours a day this Thanksgiving break.

I'm glad we don't Thanksgiving everyday, but I'm very thankful for my Thanksgiving this year.

When I was awake I enjoyed children that aren't mine.
Oh man, nieces and nephews are great, but parenting looks exhausting
and that's with my brother and sister and their spouses makin' it look pretty good
because we were all able to have a ton of fun playing board games and drinking...when the kids were in bed.

My brother's house is pretty much my happy place. My sister-in-law T is an amazing hostess and makes you feel at home. She's the kinda hostess that's like, "Oh, you want cookies? Here are some fresh baked."
"Dips sound good right? Here are three amazing dips freshly made and delicious."
My brother's DVR has MASH, 30 Rock, Cheers (which I CAN'T FIND on my cable lately.) Heroes and House... we really are related.

I got to see my niece Mallory who I hadn't seen for about a year. She's two and now speaks. She's like this adorable little doll that can point to me and say my name and unconditionally love me. It's so neat that she's able to do all this now, and makes me think back to when my other niece Taylor was that age.

My niece Taylor is now 11 and probably my favorite person ever. We went into Hot Topic during a trip to the mall, which I didn't tell her, was a major sacrifice.
At 26 years old (I'm less than a week to 27 people, get psyched for the birthday blog.) I should not be allowed in such a tweeny store. But we walked in and my niece envoked Jim Gaffigan for a joke on the store's name.
She goes, "ah yes, Caliente Topic!" (to the tune of Hot Pockets) when the staff didn't laugh, she noted, "These people sure work hard at not caring."
How great is that?
I freakin' love my niece.

Time with the family was well spent, but as always, it's good to be back in NYC.
Every time I leave, I just get soooo happy to come back.
I guess that's a sign when you know you're truly home.

Well, actually, when I get home to my apartment I found cat crap on the kitchen floor and their hair all over my bed.

Oh the joys of long haired cats and home.
(I'm still happy to be back...and that I got to spend time away, with my family.)

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