Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vegas "Vacation", Part 3 - The Beatles Love Bar

There are some things that actually do cater to me here in Vegas.
One major one is the show Love.

I was quite the Beatles fan in my youth, at times I even styled myself like John Lennon (long hair and round glasses), and learned about bright blue eyeshadow from the scandalous Mrs. Pattie Boyd Harrison- Clapton.

Unfortunately, as much as I love the Beatles, I also really like eating and living in an apartment, so I can't really afford to see the spectacular show which is in the Mirage where I'm staying.

I was willing to go to the Beatles-themed bar Revolution in lieu of the show.
My image of the bar was a haven of Beatles music, pictures of the Beatles, perhaps even Beatles-themed drinks. (Perhaps a fun fruity drink called Octopus's Garden)

Unfortunately, the bar is really just a pink/purple lit lounge with over priced drinks and standard music playing. I did still enjoy hanging out there with my co-workers and my $13 Maker's Mark on ice.

And I must say, the music throughout the hotel, not just the bar, is really very good. There are many cameras around the hotel which have captured me dancing around. Especially in the elevator. Who knew? Elevator music can be good!

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