Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vegas "Vacation", Part 2 - Fountains

When you're in Vegas one of the things people tell you that you simply must do is go see the fountains at the Bellagio.
Being the skeptic that I am, I'm thinking:
Ooooh a fountain. Been there, run through that. No big whoop.

Then, as I was passing it I heard the music, and saw how the streams of water shoot up in beautiful synchronicity and was quite honestly wowed.

It made me start looking at the entire town differently. It is extremely bizarre all the grandiose architecture ripped from the greats around the world, but it's also kinda cool to see it all piled up in one crazy place.

As for "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" it officially went to the point of absurdity when at the cocktail hour for work (I know I have such a tough job) one of the servers at the food station pointed to a wasabi mayo and said it was a perfect pairing with the dumplings.

"I'm not really supposed to have spicey food," I say cautiously, wantingly staring at the green mayo.

"Well, it is Vegas, whatever happens here stays here."

Apparently, it's not just actions, now it's also ailments.
I'm gonna go run through some siringes now - this really is a magical place!

...ok I'm not really gonna run through siringes, but I feel like they'd have that around here, it might be "off strip" but they have it.

I'm gonna go to my all day meeting now.
I'm wild!

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