Thursday, June 05, 2008

Let's Do Dunch

Last week Pink did the food shopping.
It was awesome.
My entire fridge is full of taco makings and delicious yogurt.

As a thank you, on Saturday I decided that we'd go to lunch, my treat.
Since it was Saturday, and we hadn't spent a lazy one at home together in a long time, it took a while to motivate to leave the house (read: we got caught up watching chick flicks such as 27 Dresses).

We finally figured out what we wanted to eat, and motivated motion around 4pm to go get food.
Ahh dunch, an even bigger treat. (the dinner/lunch meal)

Where in Astoria did we travel for our fine dinning treat?
Applebee's, of course.

I really just wanted a fancy mudslide.
Pink got a fruity frozen margarita.

As you can tell from the pictures, it was well worth the trip.
"Mmm... this mudslide sure is awesome. You like yours, Pink?"


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