Friday, March 21, 2008

Confession: I Love These Kittens

I have given up folks. I can't fight it anymore, this dog person - who was completely normal and in love with life single gal is now in love with the Dapper Duo.
Just look at these pictures and tell me they are not adorable:

I pick them up every morning and cradle them and say, "I love you!!!"

Like every f'in dorky cat lover I've ever mocked.

Oh, what has happened to me?

There's something so sad about loving kittens, calling them your boys, acting like they are really your kids with your female roommate who's your close pal, but not your life partner.

Pink and I have joked about being a sexless lesbian couple, but now with the kittens, it's kinda like we are. We sit around and discuss our parenting methods of the boys and talk about the funny little things they do.

They sleep with me.
I'll wake up and they're around. They wait till I come home to eat.
I'm a Mommy, but, closer to a foster one. Because ultimately they are Pink's cats.

I know them well enough to know their individual personalities, and I can tell them apart without using their collars. In person they are quite different. This picture best shows their "personalities":

On the left, we have Tux. I know this for several reasons:
  1. He's chubbier
  2. The swirl on his chin
  3. He's pushing his brother out of the picture
See, these brothers love each other, but Timber gets more attention and Tux can get bitchy about it.

The above picture is on the inside of my phone. The one below is on the front display:
Who am I??
I am a softy.

Ahem, I am also a comedian, and I've got show dates for April '08 posted.
Click here, and mark your calendars! I'll see you at the shows, I hope! :)

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