Saturday, February 02, 2008

We're Home!

We handed over our keys, got our deposit back, and hugged our landlord goodbye.

Our new place is filled with stuff everywhere that I need to unpack, but I'm trying not to do too much cause the dust was overwhelming today. My allergies are so bad I had to stop a couple of times cause I was afraid I'd have an asthma attack
- I don't have asthma, I did a while ago though triggered by allergies, and it's likely to happen in situations as bad as it was today.
I actually inhaled a dust bunny the size of Giambi.

I'm once again exhausted but I finally feel somewhat accomplished.

I could not have done it without help from my friends.
My fellow Ultimate Expert, Raquel (writer of The Ugly Volvo) came all the way from Do-or-Die BedSty to help sort through my bedroom. She said it was worth it to see all the random belongings I own. "Notebook that says 'buy new notebook', scented tea lights, and a rubber alligator - of course."

My pal Longo also made quite the trek over from "The Slope"
He flew in at around 1pm and immediately started moving everything and anything he could. He was also handy for his documentary skills, taking pictures of several stages of the move so that we will always recall the madness of seeing the apartment empty.

Roommate Tom is now officially buddy Tom again. He had Anthony and Scott help move him out, and special guests his parents. Tom senior is probably one of my most favorite people to see. Even though I only spent about 10 minutes speaking with him he was absolutely hilarious.

"Hey Mr. M!"
"Oh hey, you remembered me?"
"Of course I would. You're my roommate's Dad!"
"I dunno. I'm kind of forgettable."
"I beg to differ, you're very memorable."
"Who? Me?"

Then, later as I was coughing my head off he went into a detailed explanation of how I needed to take my Flonase.

"Oh ya gotta get on that Flonase. It's great stuff. I was at the doctor and we were just having a visit and I told him I was having some congestion. Then he put me on that Flonase and I felt much better.

Well...actually, I told him about the sinus trouble and next thing I knew he had a tube with a camera on it up my nose fishing around -"
This is when Tom and his mother came in the room with the same mortified look that read, "Oh dear God what is he telling these poor people."

I'd tell you more, but I gotta unpack, paint my room, and get the living room ready for the Super Bowl.

Yeah, we're having people over in a place we just moved into for a Super Bowl party.
That's just how we roll.

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