Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Didn't Just Lose a Phone, I Lost a Friend

I hated my old phone,
in that love/hate kinda way.

I couldn't speak on it without having it on speaker.
It would randomly decide
- "Hey, I'm not gonna have service even though you're standing next to a tower."
I would get about 20 texts then I would get the message "Texts Full".

I loved that phone though.
It had wicked fast internet.
There were pictures on that phone that were really special.
I had over 200 phone numbers.

Then, last night...

The cab driver pulls over to my apartment.
The keys fall out of my coat pockets. I grab them before they hit the seat.
(totally sweet catch)
And then I jump out of the cab.

I THEN check my pockets for
all other vital belongings.
I THEN notice my cell phone is gone.
The cab was already turning the corner.

I was saving an emergency charge card expense on blinds,
because there's a dude watching me sleep from the very-close-in-proximity-building by me.
I could not do this though,
because instead I had to buy a new phone today,
because I'm getting really grossed out by the peeping Tom.

I had about four hours of uncomfortable sleep last night
between the creep peering at me from behind the blinds
the nightmares of thinking I have my cell phone
and then realizing I didn't
over and over again.

I'm now about to go to bed though,
and I do have my windows covered.

My bedroom window is currently has beautiful drapery -
The sham from my bed set pinned with tacs.

And the dressing room/hallway window?
It's covered with a pink sheet hanging off of screws.

Take that Martha Stewart!
I'm going to sleep.

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