Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cash Bash

Last night, I took the trek to Park Slope with Pink to go see the Johnny Cash Birthday Bash with all my pals from the Liar.

Since I'm pretty broke this year after the move, Nano, and phone this will be my big concert event of the year I believe.
It didn't disappoint.

It was a flippin great show.

I think the most surprisingly fun part of the show was when my friend Blythe and I were watching the screen and as I was about to go back to the bar all of the sudden a clip of Oscar the Grouch and Johnny Cash popped up on screen - and it was followed by a clip of Cash on Columbo - pretty awesome.

Then Alex Battles took the stage with a ton of guests to help him sing the entire Folsom Prison album. Including the Four Face Liar's own Shafer Hall.
I danced my ass off, and screamed my voice out...which could be a problem when I go to perform this week. Good thing all I have is open mics and no shows.
I should be able to get my voice back in time for the next big one -
March 7th with The Ultimate Experts.

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