Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shorten it, Shorten it NOW!

For the past few weeks my hair has done nothing. It's been like this limp, lame thing.
I look in the mirror and feel like I've got a David Cassidy circa Partridge Family crossed with a sheep dog hair style.

I'm not really that girly.

But when it comes to my locks, I have some major opinions. You might recall this if you read my ordeal about going back to my natural color.

I came into the office this morning miserable about my stupid hair. I hid it under my big flappy Annie Hall hat and scurried through the halls wishing it was different.

Then, I realized it was pay day and the place where I get my hair cut is right around the corner. So, I booked it on a quick break to run in and book the appointment, didn't take lunch, left at 4:30 and now I have chin length hair. It feels sooo much better.

What a different an inch or two makes.

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