Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It Comes on Fast...

I got the stupid stomach virus going around. I tried to outrun it but it caught up to me Monday night.

As I stood there waiting for Shafer to read a trivia question the room got fuzzy. I heard a buzzing and felt like I was going to pass out. As I tried to breathe and drink my water I look up at Johnson's wide eyes and asking me, "How ya doin' there Sue?"

"I think I'm gonna pass out, Ann."

"You look green, sit down, let me get ya seltzer water. That helps. Um...keeping you distracted...Today I had to work and..," as Ann sweetly went on to tell me of her day the bar came a little more into focus, as did the need to get to the bathroom became immediate.

I went in, got sick, and gathered my things to go home. Everyone stood around, faces full of concern, wishing me well.

In the cab I felt like death. All of the sudden my entire body ached, my stomach was killing me.

I wasn't even drinking when it happened.

It was just like everyone said it would be.
And it felt just as awful.

To make it even more shitty the toilets aren't working properly in the apartment. The one by my room keeps getting stopped up, and the one upstairs requires you to go into the tank and manually flush.

I chose to stay on the couch upstairs, less plunging seemed smart cause even plunging makes me kinda queezy right now.

I'm coming out of the woods now, but man, it was a brutal wood.
Now, back to taking it easy.

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