Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm Ready for My Sandwich Board

The following was taken from my Gatting session(Instant Messaging on GChat) with Ann today:

ME: What up?

ANN: trying to find new advertising ideas

ME: For?

ANN: My clinic
(Ann works for a mental clinic that tries new drugs on patients)

ME: How about:Are you eating nuts and thinking, man these are just like me?
well you're crazy, come on down to Ann's clinic!

"Did you crack an egg and cry cause it signifies your plight?...Time to get on down to Ann's Clinic"

ANN: Yes , good idea. I'll give you some fliers and a sandwich board and stick you on the corner.

ME: Come on, those idea are golden.

ANN: You can be a living ad.

ME: Hey... i'm not crazy,
but i could act like it for money.

ANN: No, i meant with the sandwich board!
and saying your lines!

ME:Oh, I was looking for more interpretive work, but sandwich boards sound delicious.

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