Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 1, Afternoon/Evening Progress

Well, I was finally able to kick into gear and get packing done.
There's still more to do but I think I finally made a dent.
Unfortunately, the dent came at a cost - I couldn't go to the Brooklyn Hootenanny :(
It's probably for the better that I didn't go out tonight. I've got a cough that won't stop and my allergies are killing me.
I'm allergic to dust.
I found more dust than Carter has little Liver Pills.

I'm exhausted, but have to wait up for the roommates to get a TV over to the new apartment so the cable company has something to hook up - bright and early at 8am tomorrow...or at noon... anytime between 8am and noon I could have cable.

It's worth the wait though. On Sunday we'll have a painted, furnished apartment with a plasma TV and HD cable hook up so we can watch the Giants v. Patriots.

The Superbowl is something I'm totally pumped for this year, though I'm a little bummed that I have to be in early to work the next day. I hope my Monday morning meeting is full of fellow football fans, or at least American's that enjoy over budget commercials and beer.

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