Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cat Names

We've had these unnamed kittens scurrying about the apartment for about two weeks now. During this time they've had no names.

Originally, Pink wanted to name them Ford and Timberland. Ford because she wants a Ford Truck, and Timberland because she loves Timberland boots. Even though they are her kittens and I'm just like step mother to them by default, I can't help but weigh in on these names.

"So, we're making the kittens white trash?" was my response.

Pink's siblings wanted to call the one that allows you to pick him up Grandpa, because he kinda goes limp when you hold him. I once again objected.

"Sure, when you pick up the kitten he goes limp, but he's the more active kitten, and although it could be ironic, it just seems weird."

Tom just wanted to refer to them as pussies.

And even though I objected to the suggested names, I had no stellar ones of my own. I thought Tom Cat and Tony Tiger - these were quickly rejected.

We went around referring to them by their collar colors, and weight.
"Blue chubby is in the curtain."
"Red scrawny is hanging off the TV stand."

This couldn't go on.

And finally, resolution.

On a hungover weekend morning as the kitten danced upon her tummy Pink declared, "Tux and Timber."

"Ok, fair enough. I enjoy the alliteration. Which is which?"

"Well, the chubby blue one is Tux because he looks older and more dignified. And that makes scrawny red collar Timber."

That's how the cat's got their names.

Tom continues to call them pussies.

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