Sunday, December 16, 2007

Work Out Plan

New roommate Emily's nick name around here is Pink. And as I write this I'm looking at our stockings hanging on the wall. All our names in black, except for Pink's which is written in Pink. She loves the color.
It just makes her over-the-moon happy.

Don't let the nick name fool you, she's one tough cookie.
She's also my partner in crime lately.

Today we went out to buy food and jump ropes. We're both going to be bridesmaids in '08, and we don't wanna be gross in a ton of photos.
We also don't want to give up Mexican food and cookies.

So, we figured jumping rope is fun, and cheap. Why not?

Well, in the Sports Authority we saw all sorts of fun equipment, like the perfect push up tool. It was 30 bucks though, and that's a lot around holiday time so we moved on.
Then we saw a trampoline that was 30 bucks.
We agreed that was totally worth the 15 split.

We walked out of the store:
Me with our reusable green shopping bags.
Pink with a cumbersome box that reads in giant letters TRAMPOLINE.

She walked down Steinway Street in Queens staring every passer by dead in the eye as if to say,
"Heck yeah I got a trampoline and you're jealous."
I know this because she told me that was what she was doing.

I am so excited about the trampoline. It reminds me of my sister.
When Jen lived in Queens she had a trampoline just like ours.
We would jump on it and listen to Abba Gold.

Did I mention I can wait to see my sister for Christmas?
I'm gonna go get the excited energy out by jumping on the springy trampoline.

Many thanks to roommate tom for putting together the trampoline. Shockingly, he was not as excited as we were about it. His response was a monotone "yay." and later on, "it better not scratch the floor."

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