Saturday, December 08, 2007

Week Off Day #5

a.k.a. The Day You're All Jealous Of

Last night, I bought the following to ensure that I would not have to leave my house today:
-Bag of Baby Carrots
-Wheat Pretzels
-Herbe Mate Blueberry Tea
-Giant Bottle of Smart Water

I ate this while I watched all my wonderfully DVR'ed/and live TV shows:
-30 Rock
-Sanford and Son Christmas Special
-The Soup
-M*A*S*H "Dear Sis" Christmas Special
-Monk Christmas Special
-Psych Christmas Special
-Tila Tequila

There was a lot more, but I think those shows kind of give you a feel of how I ran the gambit. It was pretty awesome not being sick and being able to lay on the couch and watch TV for hours. Though I did get antsy from eating all that crap and not moving - so I did 500 sit ups.

Man I've changed. Eating reasonably healthy snack food and then exercising.
At least I still love TV, or else I'd be fearful that aliens took over my brain.

See what happens when I rest people?

Back to work Saturday...
Well, a fate worst than work-
I'm cleaning my room tomorrow.

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