Friday, December 07, 2007

Week Off Day #4

The day after my birthday I of course had my normal issues with insomnia. I woke up too early and didn't know what to do with myself.

Tom found me on the floor in front of the door sifting through bags of presents and coats trying to match my gloves. He stepped over me to head to the door and I asked, "What time did we get home last night?"

He grunted and said, "No thinking yet." and left for work.

I then went back to bed where I had crazy dreams for a couple of hours, woke back up, took a shower, and went into the dreaded midtown to run some errands.

I ended up getting hungry and stopping in Hot and Crusty which is next to a peep show-so you're not sure this is gonna be a good idea when you walk in, but I ended up having a delicious bagel with tuna and a can of coke.
That meal cost $6. I asked the lady if it was magical tuna, she got a little nervous.

After the crazy afternoon run around on feet worn-to-pain from the heels I had on all birthday day/night (being a woman sucks sometimes). I went to the organic store to buy supplies to make quesadillias for dinner.

After dinner Emily and I flopped on the couch and watched Grey's Anatomy - the episode was very disappointing and if it ever comes back (after the strike which is probably in June at the earliest) I'm not sure if I'll ever watch it again. (SPOILER ALERT!!) You've got main character's in a complicated relationship that are dealing with issues of fear and intimacy - that's a lot of drama right there - why tempt the character further with someone new? It's cheap, be emotional or be sensational, but stop with both! It's getting so tiresome. Either have them together or don't. I'm tired of you throwing in other characters to tempt Meredeth or McDreamy away from each other. It's immature writing for late night drama - that is something a soap opera would do.

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