Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Week Off Day #2

I finally had a great night's sleep, with a lot of effort and tea I was able to do it.
I started the day with a ton of errands around Manhattan, which brought me through the dreaded midtown --during holiday times. I gotta tell ya, you NYC tourists are really letting me down this year.
Where the heck are ya?
The sidewalks should be thick with people but instead it's like holiday time is only for New Yorker's this year.
Maybe I should stop complaining.

The best part of the day was the evening, when I got to perform stand up twice in one night:
Once with a pumpkin pie martini in hand (they are absolutely delicious).
Once in front of the awesome audience at Comedy for the F@#! of it!

They were my last sets as 25, I relished it with a special year in review. Went over really well, if you weren't there to see it, well you should've been because it was great.

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