Monday, December 03, 2007

Week Off Day #1

I've had insomnia for the past week, which isn't why I took off, but it helps to be able to sleep late, even if the sleep is quite restless. I was up for about 60 hours with a total of 12 hours sleep in a 72 hour period between Friday and Sunday...which only goes to show how crazy I get without sleep, I do unnecessary math.

I have a lot to do this week, but my goal is still to have my one day on the couch/TV and Radio museum time.

I'm thinking Friday is going to be that day.

Sadly, the best part of my day off was that I was able to handle medical claims and schedule medical appointments. You might be thinking, but Sue, you can do that at work! You have a phone.

Not really.

When I make appointments I have to answer a lot of personal questions and saying things like "I need a vaginal exam." Is something I think my co-workers would be happy not to hear.

"Why don't you just duck outside or into an empty office?"

Well, outside there are people on the street who don't want to, or even worse might really want to hear about what's going on in my cabin down below.

And slipping into an empty office space could be even more frightening. Imagine your boss comes into you stealthily sitting in the dark saying things about your private parts parts...
then they'll really think I'm a phone sex operator, and not someone with just an alluring phone voice.

So, this is growing up I guess. Vacation time used to mean fun, now it's "Oh boy! I have time to take care of my health and bills!"

I'm off to go relax and help some pals decorate their Christmas tree.

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