Tuesday, December 25, 2007

War on Christmas?

In WW1 there was a truce.

We've regressed.

Bill O'Reilly will tell you there is still a war on Christmas. But he is referring to the fact that because Christmas is a Christian holiday some people find it easier to say happy holidays in lieu of Merry Christmas so they don't offend people of different religious beliefs. And of course this means war! -- to someone like Bill O'Reilly.

Sadly though, there is a real war on Christmas.
When you read stuff like "Suicide Bomber Kills # at Funeral" it makes you realize that the war on words is probably just about the stupidest piece of news around.

This Christmas, I'm in Virginia with my sister and her husband and kids. My mom got them all the toys with the noise.
As I type this, I hear the sounds of the princess bike my niece is sitting upon and my nephew making farting noises with his mouth as his pushes her around.
To me, that's Christmas- but that's just cause I was raised a good consumer Christian.

If you would like to send presents to the troops in Iraq you can here:
Treats for Troops
It's ok that it won't make it in time for Christmas. You can make any day Christmas for them, or a holiday - whatever you prefer.

Have a good day people, heck make it a merry one.

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