Sunday, December 02, 2007


I had a busy week by Thursday, as you might have noticed from my previous posts, this week it's been a deadline/triple-job-everyday week - except for Thursday.

On Thursday I had only my day job to do, and then I was going home to relax.

When I got home though, new roommate Emily wanted to go to the mall, and having not been to a mall in quite sometime I figured what-the-hey! Why not get some window-shopping-pre-christmas-inspiration done?

Well, after trekking the Queens Mall end-to-end, we decided we needed "just one beer" at our local pub.

As we sat and chatted we realized that we were two of four females in the place, and it was wall-to-wall men. Quite a lovely ratio for two single gals such as ourselves. There was an uproar directed at the screens and it finally dawned on us, we were in the midst of Thursday Night Football - Cowboys v. The Packers.

We dodged and weaved in our chairs through our conversations as we watched the game and eventually got hooked. "That play was bull! Did ya see his foot!...So, yeah, anyway, maybe just one more drink, it is only the third quarter."

I think my favorite part about watching the game was the men's reactions to our reactions.
"Oh, you know about football?"
"You understand what's going on up there?" one says to me as he points to the television screen.

I wondered what they expected my response to be exactly.
"Oh no, I thought something went horrible awry with the Hills and they had to do some sort of challenge and this was it. "

When the game ended we went up to settle the tab and it turned out some of the guys had paid for our drinks and purchased another round. We sat and talked with them for a little while until one of the other bartenders came in with a guitar. The regulars were able to coax the guitar out of it's case and we all ended up singing Johnny Cash, and Irish folk, songs. I, of course, requested A Boy Named Sue. None of us seemed to know the entire song, but we did a rather funny, good-hearted attempt at it.

The hours seemed to fly by that night, and roommate Tom failed to join us due to his eternal love for pepperoni pizza. This of course meant retaliation of some sort for missing the fun.
As Emily unlocked our front door she turned to me and said, "Jump on Tom's bed in three."

"Oh, Em, I dunno if this is a good idea."
"One..." she said with a devious grin.
"He's most likely passed out, and there's a chance we could get injured by a Domino's box."
"Two..."she said as she turned the knob of the door.
"You're gonna do it no matter what I say aren't you?"
She nodded as she finished the count and flung the door open -
"THREE!" we both shouted as we bounded straight down the hall and burst into his room hitting the light and diving onto his bed.

I've never seen someone more frightened.

He didn't kill us. He ended up catching our infectious laughter as he threatened us though. We then left him to sleep and resumed our jovial romping and singing around the apartment. Downstairs we went through my closet to look at whatever fun thing laid on top and I found the most fun thing of all.

My advanced birthday gift from my sister:
A hooded towel that looks like a butterfly from
(I highly recommend clicking on that link to see the image of this awesome towel...and perhaps buying one for yourself and everyone you love.)
We then took turns wearing the towel and acting like buffoons.

During our last flutter around the kitchen, and verse of Ring of Fire, we realized the clock on the stove was telling us that it was no longer Thursday, it was Friday. The impressions that we had built of it being a weekend shattered, and we hung the towel up and headed to bed to rest a few hours before heading out to what would no doubt be, a long day of work.

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