Monday, December 24, 2007

Resolution Wrap-Up

This year I had some lofty resolutions for myself. Here's a run down and a follow up of what happened with the resolutions, of The Sue Funke:

1. I wanted to get in shape. Well, it only took two trips to the hospital to make me realize that I really did need to do it. Thanks mysterious stomach problems!

2. I wanted to blog more. I have already beaten last year for blog posts. Yaay. Check out the tags on the side of this blog for my opinions on all sorts of stuff.

3. Go on a Date Before '08. It was conversations on gchat (otherwise known as gatting) with my friend Lindsay that made me come to the realization that I haven't been on a date since seeing the movie The Incredible Hulk with my ex. This is sad for many reasons. Most importantly: That movie was horrible, and it was several years ago.
I hoped to be invited out before the ball drop, but I'm pretty sure it's safe to say it's not going to happen. It's cool. I'd be cheating on my real boyfriend if I went out on a date this year - Comedy.
This is less sad then saying "it's ok, I've got my kittens!"
Truthfully though, Comedy is the best boyfriend ever. We go out at least two times a week. I get some drinks and dinner from him sometimes. I also laugh a ton whenever I'm with him. We're so in love!

4. Do more with Comedy. I actually wanted to make money from comedy this year, but um- yeah that's really hard. So, I changed it mid year to just doing different things. I'm happy about the work I've done this year. My act has evolved into talking about more real shit (my love life, my father's death, my nephew's cancer, etc.) and I'm stoked to put up my new videos from Comix. I've also started a sketch comedy group that will premier on stage and online next year - Keep checking my MySpace and my comedy site for information on The Ultimate Experts.

I had a great year in '07 and that was mostly because of my awesome friends. So, even if I didn't hit all my goals, I did at least have a lot of great moments from this year that will always make me smile just by thinking about. I'll take that as an accomplishment.

Best of luck in '08 everyone.

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