Sunday, December 02, 2007

The D-day of the B-day

I could care less about age.
I love the idea of getting older.
Every year I learn new things,
meet new people,
and end up at least a little bit better at life.

I can't wait to go gray. I actually decided to stop dying my hair to see if there are any signs of silver.

But birthdays, oy. They just never seem to be what you want them to be.
December 5th should be a day of being happy to be alive, but instead it's been a day that's spurned infamy, several years over.

Like, my Sweet 16, my Dad up-and-died - so he didn't come to my simple dinner party, and more than half of my "friends" didn't show either.

Or, my 20th when I got a speeding ticket, food poisoning during my party, and my boyfriend of about 9 years decided that was a good time to let me know he had been cheating on me for months.

Or, my 24th when a female friend of mine hijacked my party and painted me as an asshole in front of friends who hadn't seen me in a while, caused a fight between me and a very close friend, and made me hysterically cry for hours.
-Shock of shocks, we're not really pals anymore.

Last year might be a turning point though.
It went much better because, well no one close to me died, cheated on me, or turned out to be a manipulative bitch...pretty much had no where to go but up at that point.

I was also performing stand-up. In fact, my first ever paying gig was on my 25th birthday.

This year, I am once again attempting a birthday party.
I feel like it might go well because I planned it with these terms:
I want to do something that I enjoy doing,
invite people I enjoy spending time with
- but if I don't like the company,
or if anything shitty happens,
I wanna be in "happy places".

These spots are the Four Faced Liar and a Karaoke bar.
Things won't seem so bad when I pull off Oops I Did It Again better than Britney herself.

I've made the following request of all my friends:
I want free alcohol and cupcakes

I've also taken the entire week off from the day job so I can actually relax for week,
and only do two jobs.
That's my present to me.

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