Friday, December 28, 2007

Charlottesville Shuttle

This blog could also be titled:
Ok, Jen You Were Right
Get Your Tickets Now for the NYC Shuttle

I left work on Friday not looking forward to traveling to my sister's.

Don't get me wrong here. I absolutely love going to my sister's. She lives in central Virginia in a place where there's local stores, a lake, vineyards, rolling hills, fresh air, stars in the night sky (pretty much the only lights), and friendly neighbors. It's a wonderful break from NYC.

But Jen's house is approximately 9 hours away. I usually take Amtrak and it's hellish. Penn station is miserable enough because of the trip to dreaded midtown.

So, when I walked out of the office all I trudged the two blocks and one avenue over to the quiet meat packing district. It was cold and windy and I dreaded waiting for this stupid bus to come.

And then, it happened.

The bus was there. The driver was friendly and so was everyone on the bus. As we pulled away everyone introduced themselves. People were warm and genuinely nice. I ended up sitting next to a lovely woman who knew one of my co-workers. We spoke for four hours straight.

There was free sandwiches, coffee, tea and homemade cookies, internet access, and plenty of leg room.

The ride was smooth and fast. I got to Charlottesville at 12:30 am - after only 7 hours on the bus.

Now, that might seem like a crazy, "only seven hours". I've taken the train and it's taken 10 hours, I was sitting by the door freezing, and had to wait an hour in Penn for the train to arrive.

I am converted.

I love this bus and intend to use it again and again. It's affordable, friendly, and it takes me to one of my favorite get aways ever- Charlottesville.

I'm glad I live in NYC, but it can get annoying here sometimes. Now, I know I can get away to hang out with my sister and her awesome family in affordable, comfortable manner.

Thank you NYC Shuttle and Jen for talking me into taking the bus.

Her exact sell was, "Sue, I know you'll love it. I can see you blogging about it now."

What can I say?
The woman knows me.

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