Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Writing Process

I was working this week on a letter to encourage people to donate to a homeless shelter on Christmas. I handed in what I felt was a really sappy thing that middle America would love. (Sorry middle America, but what do you expect when you elect fucktards like Bush? Us to think you're not gullible?)
It was liked by my editor, but I was asked to make it a little more gritty and gripping. I went back to the drawing board and had about ten drafts. I went really extreme - pulled back too much - I just couldn't get it.

And then I realized that I needed inspiration.

What says help the homeless more than this song?
You can laugh, but I got some great copy listening to this song. I don't think anyone even gave money to charities before this song came out.
...don't fact check me on that.

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