Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Week

Oy, so full.

Here are some of my favorite lines from the family:

"Sam, you're my friend."
"I'm your cousin, too, Chris - don't forget."
-My nephews

"Hey Mom, (pause) Um, hey you!"
"Do you know my name?"
"Hey Aunt You!"
-My nephew Chris to me

"Offensive- Bullwinkle's junk"
-Family game of Apples to Apples

Other great moments:
- Looking at this with my niece.
- Kicking my brother's ass in the drinking version of Scene It TV Edition.

Best quote of the week from friends:
"Happy day-we-showed-the-indians-who's-boss!"
-Becky Donohue via text

"Hey Sue, where are you right now?"
"Just got home."
"I'm at the Liar right now."
"Oh, no, I'm at the Queens home."

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