Thursday, November 08, 2007

Returning to My Roots

In an impulsive, yet well thought out move, yesterday, I went to the salon by my office and got my hair dyed to match my roots.

For the past four years I’ve highlighted my hair. I was going to Long Island and spending money like I actually had it. It was my girly splurge that I really enjoyed. Lately though, I feel like I need to change situations and I’m stuck in the mud. So, instead of moping I figured I could act upon my hair.

It’s weird because I really did enjoy my lighter hair, but as soon as Sam, my wonderfully flamboyant and wine-pushing hair stylist, dried my hair I felt like I was seeing me again. I have spent much more of my life with a natural brown-toned hair color than without it. I was so happy to see me, I smiled with my eyes.

For those of you who do not understand how one could even do such a thing, I recommend watching America’s Next Top Model. There will most likely be a marathon on this weekend; don’t make any plans. Just sit there and watch Tyra Banks teach you that with just a little squint of your lower lid and widening of your upper lid you can show your inner happiness. Either that or just go back to your natural color.

I should also note that I got my hair done next to a “celebrity”. That’s right folks. The woman getting the white bleach applied to her roots has been seen on Maury and CNN because of her roots in a crazy sex cult. She is now a dancer at Scores. I was talking to the owner of the salon about this and said, “good for her, it’s competitive to get in there. She must’ve paid a lot for that body. I couldn’t do it, but it’s probably good money.” He then reminded me that it’s hard work: 9-5 on a pole. Well, at least she can afford her roots to be touched up on the regular.

We all have our priorities.

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