Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blogging From Your Cell Phone

Ok, so I did spend this past Sunday live blogging the cooking of my "pre-Thanksgiving" meal.
I'll admit it, I'm dorky.

But really people, who is in dire need to blog from a cell phone?


I'd totally do it if I wasn't already freaking sore from texting.
I'm hooked on it! It's sooo addictive.
I have cut down tremendously on my phone time. This is awesome for me because I'm someone who often doesn't know when to say goodbye - not so much in that awkward way, it's more like I tend to have friends that I know that can talk for hours.

That blog right up there, so boring - but if I had been able to do it from my phone it would've looked like this:

Bloggin' from your cell phone - lame...but I'd do it.

THE MORAL: I'm kinda lame, and kinda dorky. To further prove this I now present The Best of You Tube -

Oh, wait what was that?
Ah, Twentieth Century Fox took it down.

Well, then see something original. Here's "Gettin' Some" on Funny or Die:

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