Friday, October 05, 2007

I Like to Stand

A few months back I wrote a blog entitled Work v Stand Up (read/skim to catch up if new here - Oh! and Welcome!)
I am going to work today, and then I am going to perform for at least 100 people.
It's weird, it's like my secret identidy.
By Day - Sue Funke is a diligent yet quirky online editor,
By Night - She's a comedian.

Ok, Wonder Woman totally had it cooler,
but what if I told you I whirled around and then I magically
turned into a stand up comic!

Yeah- No. Sorry, no.

In fact- I even keep my glasses on both day and night. (except when I sleep)

The reason is, no matter what my "day job" is
I am a stand up comedian.

When I told Mama Funke this - she cried. It is sad I guess. It's not an easy life, though I am not looking for sympathy because this is the life I choose.

But I've made my peace in a way with the fact that I am a stand up comedian.
Because now I'm on the cusp of Old Timer still chasing Almost Famous...

(Best episode of Entourage ever - One Day in the Valley)

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