Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Party '07

Believe it or not, I hate Halloween.
I do love dressing up though, because I kind of dress up everyday in silly outfits.
But this Halloween well, this picture speaks for itself folks.

I was Wonder Woman:
I AM SO HAPPY! I loved being Wonder Woman.

We threw a big party in the apartment. Roommate Tom and I were discussing it a week prior and realizing we had invited a lot of people:

"We're gonna have 100 people at the party."

"I know."

"I'm a little nervous about that."

"Me too."

"...I invited 2 more people today. They're all bringing friends. This is gonna be way too huge."

"I know! ...I invited about ten more people today."

"We're screwed."

We repeated this daily until the night of the party.

Only about 50 people showed. It was a perfect number and a great group of people. The party went on until we ran out of beer, then the fun people kept it going at the bar across the street.

I think my favorite part was being Wonder Woman.

Aw yeah, Wonder Woman.

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