Sunday, October 21, 2007

Apparently, I am Not Wonder Woman

This year I am pumped for Halloween. Why? Cause I've lost enough weight to do something sexy for Halloween. This year I've decided on being Wonder Woman, because last year I was a corporate whore and was told I looked like the Wonder Woman alter-ego Diana Prince.I bought my costume a couple of weeks ago and tried it on and didn't want to take it off. I was like my nephew in his Spider Man costume: I wanted to wear it all the time, everywhere and have everyone know that I really am Wonder Woman.

But I'm not Wonder Woman. I'm just Sue Funke, Associate Editor.

Once a year there is a giant event in New York City for my company.
Last year's I planned, this year all I had to do was be there to answer questions.
So, how did I blow it?

Well, I forgot my meds and then took them at all the wrong times* because I wasn't thinking about it. I got so ill during the event that I had to take a cab home and had a lovely bonding session with my toilet bowl.

What was I thinking?!?
I was thinking about being on point, I was thinking about remembering everyones names, I was thinking about things outside of work : somehow, everyone I've become friends with this year has a birthday in October so there's party planning and partying to be done, I'm also producing a video comedy troop, and I'm also working on three special writing assignments...

This list just goes on.

I've got a bad stomach, but that's not really what I suffer from.
What I suffer from is something that effects a lot of the women in my family -
The "I Can Do It All" syndrome.

I will take on any assignment you give me, make myself available to my friends no matter what, I will volunteer for things, and work my ass off for my job- not just 'taking work home' but also to the store, to the bar, to the subway, in my dreams.

Honestly, it's not bad that I'm doing all this, it's bad that I'm doing it and forgetting myself.

It's not like I didn't think about the medicine. I just thought I didn't need to take it.
I've been doing better, maybe I can go off these stupid pills.

Yeah, I was way off.

I am going to stick to being Wonder Woman for Halloween, and not in my head on a daily bases.

*So, what's the timing schedule? Well, I have to take my allergy medicine on an empty stomach - that means not having eaten two hours before or one hour after. My Prevacid is similar so I usually take them together. Then the anti-spasm meds I take for the IBS should be taken with food. I took the allergy med and then ate cause I was on the run, I forgot to pick up my Prevacid on Friday, and forgot the anti-spasm meds. So, I picked up the Prevacid and anti-spasmatics and took them right away, together, which is something I hadn't tried before and didn't think it would be a problem. But, I had eaten a little bit of a bagel about 20 min before because I'm a premenstrual eating machine. And that's how Sue messed up her meds and ended up hugging a toilet.

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