Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No, Really, I Hate Halloween...

And I'll tell you why, there are freakin' freaks EVERY WHERE...

well, on 6th avenue for the Halloween parade.
It took me 25 minutes to get from 17th and 8th avenue to 14th and 6th avenue.
Really? That is about a five minute walk.
The cops were all jerks, and the tourists were all in costumes and walking too slow, while the locals were all freaking out because they can't get to their own apartments.
Oh! and they close the sidewalks. So, you have to walk in the street in little blocked off lanes like you're cattle going to the slaughter.
Awesome job NYPD! No terrorists would ever get through that blockade.

You would never guess I hate Halloween this year though.
Why? Because apparently all my femininity is in decorating and dressing.

My office held a competition for best dressed and best decorated cube.
Here's my picture of me in my department:
Not only did I get back into the Wonder Woman suite, but I also made my entire department decorate and told them they HAD to dress up. Here's me and my manager Jennie Smash:

(I put up the webs over the windows)

And I have to give credit to our black webs designer, my pal Lauren (aka Mia from Pulp Fiction):
And, let me just say we won best decorations:
Can you see how happy I am about that?

Yeah, I still hate Halloween - I like being able to get on subways without being corralled, don't mess with that!

(I also don't like scary movies and people dress up like that and it spooks me. Shhh, I'm a wuss.)

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