Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Teachers, After Dark

I know a great deal of the finest members of society, teachers.

There's a jerk face saying, "Those that cannot do, teach."
I cannot do teaching, and lemme tell ya why-

When I started college I wanted to be a history teacher. History was fun; teaching seemed ideal. I had worked with children my entire life up until then. (Mama Funke was a nursery school teacher, and I started my babysitting career at 11) I could do this.

The night before I was supposed to observe my first class, I had a dream.
I was teaching class, I was middle aged,
with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth,
a hang over,
hating each child with every sniffle, turned page, raised hand.
I was bitter. I was miserable. I was completely worn down,
I was Mrs. Krabappel*
I woke up late for my observation and went in to the career counselor.
I took a test and it told me I should be a writer/lawyer/performer.
I'm glad I'm not a teacher.

But, my friends that are teachers are great. Because they are an insight into how teachers are after school. You always see your teacher so composed, so authoritative, knowledgeable, some are even great intellects.

They are human though, and man can these teachers rock it!

They are also really funny, because just like kids talk about teachers - teachers talk about students.
I once got a text from a friend that was a teacher that read: My kids suck at life today.
I was at a party once where a teacher told me, "These girls dress like they are stripping off their back packs and sauntering over to the corner."
It's funny, cause I probably said the same things about those girls when I was in high school.
Teacher's are just like us!

And that is why, I think this blog that I'm about to share a link to, is pretty hilarious. I have to warn you though, before I give you the link, that this is in a classification of humor that falls into one of my personal favorites,
"So politically incorrect, and honest, and ridiculous, that it is hilarious."
If you think you're into that, click here.

If not, give it up for the teachers!
Because that is one tough job that I know I couldn't handle.
And they don't get paid nearly enough for the hard work they do.

*I totally thought it was spelled Kurbopal, doesn't it sound more like that, or do I have potatoes in my ears?

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