Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quotes from Comix

On September 15th 2007 I performed at Comix Comedy Club in NYC's trendy meat packing district.
It was a really nice place.
I was ridiculously pumped for the show because I was told I would get a good tape out of it. And I desperately need a tape of my new material.

I was actually a little over pumped because when she asked how I wanted to be introduced I blanked.
"Um...I'm all over New York City."

"...Sue, you host a show on the Lower East Side and have performed at all of the major clubs."

"Yeah, that too! Say that."

Her introduction couldn't have been more awesome though, because she said the other stuff and then said, "She has the greatest name you'll ever hear, Sue Funke!"

This worked perfectly with the set I had rehearsed, yet my hands, not so much.
I just shook with excitement, I grasped the mic for comfort. I felt like I was more obvious than Ali (...too soon?)

Apparently though, no one noticed but me.

Here's the feedback from the show:

-"You broke the room open. You were the comic that made the entire room laugh."

Sue Funke! You are great!

You remembered my name! I don't even know you and you remembered my name; you're awesome!!

-"You've come a long way from the improv shows at the Brokerage. You were amazing tonight."

-"Beautiful and funny!"

I have to say the feedback does have me glowing.
Quick comments though - um all the stuff about my appearance, it's flattering but it's also a byproduct of:
-throwing up my entire day the night before
-angry work outs (I've been having some stress lately, so I work out angry - kick my own ass)

Also, no one ever commented on my looks after my show when I was chubby.
"Your third chin really glowed up there!"

"You were amazing, you covered the entire stage, and didn't move an inch!"

I know, I know, I should just take the compliment already.

Thanks to everyone who came to the show! The support is appreciated.
Reminder: My Comedy Schedule is located here.

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